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To run App Check:

  1. Click or tap the appropriate icon for your test from the home page, if you have not done so already.
  2. Click or tap the user drop-down menu, and select App Check.

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App Check (basic, no configuration identifier)

  1. On the App Check page, (if you do not have a configuration identifier) click Run App Check.

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    1. You see green checkboxes for Kiosk Mode Readiness and connectivity to TestNav, if the system passes. If one of these fails, you will see a Fail message and must check your connection and settings before running App Check again.

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App Check with Configuration Identifier

If you have a Configuration Identifier (from your assessment management system)

  1. Enter it in the Configuration Identifier field. 

    The configuration identifier allows TestNav to also check connection to ProctorCache computers. If your operating system and assessment management system allows, this configuration ID may also check for blacklist compliance. See your assessment management system documentation for additional information. 

  2. Click Run App Check. 

  3. If ProctorCache connectivity (or blacklist compliance) fail, TestNav provides information for possible resolutions. Use this information to troubleshoot, and run App Check again.
    The screenshots below are examples of possible scenarios when running App Check with a configuration identifier. 

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