You can reassign tests from one student to another if two records for the same student exist, whether due to an error or because a student was previously added as temporary. Other scenarios may apply. Only users with specific permissions can access the Reassign Tests button, as shown in the steps below (varies by project).

You cannot reassign a test to a student that is already assigned to that test session(s).

You cannot reassign a test to a student whose test attempts exceed the maximum allowed attempts for the session.


  1. From the main menu, click (or tap) Students.

  2. Click a student name, or first, enter search criteria to see the SESSION LIST.

  3. Click Reassign Test(s)above the student details.

  4. Select a student to see his or her tests.

  5. Select one or more tests to reassign.

  6. Click Next, and then click Reassign on the Confirm Test Reassignment popup.

    A success message appears.

What's Next? (optional)

When you reassign a test from one student to another, the original student remains in that organization until you delete the student from it, even if he or she is not assigned to any test sessions.

To delete the student:

  1. Go back to Students in the main menu and select the student.
  2. Click Delete.