Depending on your role and permissions, you can scan a test (for scoring) that you created locally for your class or district. 


  • Configure a designated scanner to accept answer documents.

  • In Pearson Access, confirm your role and project under your name, and your district or school in the Organization dropdown. If you have access to multiple projects or organizations, click each dropdown to select the one(s) you want to view.


To scan documents:

  1. Insert paper tests into the designated scanner. Pearson recommends a maximum of 50 sheets.

  2. Select the scanner profile previously designated for Pearson local scanning. Press the machine's Scan button to send these individual files into Folder 1.
  3. You or an authorized user should move these scanned documents into the folder designated for holding files for processing (in the example within Prerequisites above, Scans_forProcessing). This separates answer documents from any other documents coming from the scanner and helps to track processing.  

To process documents:

  1. From the main menu, click Local Scanning.

  2. Click Start Processing. Local Folder refers to the folder a user previously configured for Folder 2 (see Prerequisites above).

  3. After your scans process, Local Scanning displays a Progress Log from which you can perform various tasks. See callouts below the image.

    3a After your documents process, a Progress Log appears with the number of Tests Completed, Tests Submitted, Tests Incomplete, Tests with Errors, and Tests with Warnings
    3b You can click Errors and Warnings Only or Full Log to view either list. 
    3c Test pages that contain errors or warnings appear highlighted in the Test Page # column. Click the value in the Test page # column to review and correct warnings or errors.
    3d You can click View Key to see the whether a highlighted page contains an error or warning.

    3e Click Confirm Review when you have completed all corrections. Do NOT click Confirm Review until you are ready to send these tests (including any tests that still have Warnings) to Scoring.

    You cannot undo this action from within the Progress Log. To make any changes after you click Confirm Review, you must re-scan the document to overwrite the first occurrence.

    After you click Confirm Review, the system takes you back to the Start Processing page. Repeat from Step 2 to process the next batch. 

  4. Move processed documents into folder 3 (in the example within Prerequisites above, Scans_Processed) to avoid re-processing documents.

Review and Correct Warnings and Errors

Warnings or Errors can occur when processing scanned paper tests.

To correct a Warning:

  1. Determine whether the student attempted to fill in a bubble.
    1. If so, click that bubble in the document. Repeat through any other warnings on the test.

  2. Click Save when you finish making corrections. You can also click Cancel to discard any changes you made and leave the document as is. In this scenario, the answer sheet remains UNSCORED. with a Warning status.

To correct an Error:

  1. Identify the issue and correct it.
  2. Re-scan the document.

After you make all of your intended corrections:

  1. Click Confirm Review. This action sends all documents (including those that still contain errors) to Scoring.
  2. Move processed documents from Folder 2 (Scans_forProcessing) to Folder 3 (Scans_Processed).
  3. Move a new batch of files from Folder 1 (Scans_Initial) into Folder 2.
  4. Click Start Processing to process the next batch. 


After documents are processed, they appear in any available reports, depending on your project requirements.