Pearson Access user roles and their associated permissions determine what you can view or manage within the system. 

Pearson Access roles vary by project/customer.

If you are assigned a user role in more than one organization, you can click the arrow next to the active organization to select another one at any time.

Permissions Information

The Administrator role is the highest level user role and its permissions extend through the highest levels of assessment management. From creating organizations, importing and exporting data, and managing students and test sessions to viewing and downloading reporting data, Administrators can control all aspects of their organization's assessments. 

Other roles can have varying levels of permissions within the system. 

For your project's specific roles and associated permissions:

  1. Click (or tap) Users.
  2. Click Download User Roles and Permissions at the top of the User List.

Base Role Permissions

Click each base role below to view its base permissions: