Access Testing Materials

You can access testing materials to assist with managing an online test session.

 Types of Testing Materials



Downloadable Test

Allows the test administrator to download the test as a PDF for a student with the accommodation setting to enter responses on printed material. Download Test appears only when the test administrator selects one student at a time.

Seal Code

Codes for test sections, based on customer requirements. Each sealed section requires a different seal code. 

Session Student Roster

Lists students and their test assignments within a session.

Student Test Ticket

Contains the sign-in details for students to access their assigned online tests. 

Answer SheetContains answers for only locally authored, paper tests. You can print these for students to record answers to paper tests that an administrator created for your district, school, or class.
Human Reader contentDisplays test content within Pearson Access for a test proctor to read aloud to a student with that accommodation.



Lists the accommodations assigned to students, including student accommodations with errors, in the session. Users can download a PDF.


  1. Click (or tap) Sessions.

  2. Click a session name, or first, enter search criteria.

  3. Under Student List, the system provides links to testing materials. You can select students and click to links above the student list to print testing materials. For example, for the session below, you can click Print all testing ticket(s) to access those testing materials.

    - If you selected more than one student, Select Print Options appears, and you can select 1-4 per page.
    - You can also select List view (system defaults to Grid), and click Proceed to Print.

    For locally authored tests, you can select students and click Print Answer Sheets to print one 8 1/2" x 11" (letter) Answer Sheet per page, per student.

  4. Select your print preferences or save as a PDF, and click Print

  5. For a multi-section test, under Session Details, you can click the Section Progress arrow to view Seal Codes for each section. You should note these codes to give to students to access each section.


     Watch the step-by-step instructions...