Move Student Between Sessions

You can move students from one session to another.

 Possible scenarios for moving a student include...
  • A sick student cannot continue to test in his or her originally scheduled session.
  • You want to balance the number of students in one session with that of another session.

Session information and move requirements:

  • The other test session is the same mode of testing (paper or online), contains the same test, and is tied to the same school and administration.
  • If you have the role of Teacher, you can only move students between sessions you created.

 For tests in Ready status...

The system may assign a new form to the student.


  1. From the main menu, click (or tap) Sessions.

  2. Click a session name, or first, enter search criteria.

  3. Select a student or students, and click Move. 

  4. From the Move Students  dropdown, select a session to which you want to move the students.

  5. Click Move. 


     Watch the step-by-step instructions...


When you move the student to an online test session, the system retains the student's sign-in credentials (username and password).