To move a student from your organization/school, you must authorize the transfer request from the new organization/school.


From the header bar or the Setup menu.

From the header bar:

  1. Click the red bell icon.
  2. Select Transfer Requests.

From the Setup menu:

  1. Select Work Requests.
  2. Click the Work Type filter and select Enrollment Transfer.
    All transfer requests display. To view all related requests by transfer status, click the Status filter, and select a transfer status.


You can choose to read or watch the instructions below.

(Click  to view image)

  1. From Setup, select Work Requests.

  2. Click the Work Type filter and select Enrollment Transfer.

  3. Select an enrollment transfer request(s).

  4. Click Select Task, select Approve / Reject Enrollment Transfer, and click Start.

  5. Review the enrollment request and Approve or Reject.


After you approve the request, all student test information and demographics appear to the new school and are not visible to the original school.

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