You create a top-level organization to establish an organizational hierarchy. This hierarchy structures the data in the system. This structure defines how top and next-level organizations relate to each other and drives security within PearsonAccess. Programs protect student privacy and secure data by controlling user access to specific organizations within the hierarchy.

This page describes how to create an organization manually through user interface data fields. The most common and recommended practice to enter organizations is through a file import. 


  1. From Setup, click Organizations.

  2. Click Select Tasks, select Create / Edit Organizations, and click Start.

  3. Type/select the organization information.

  4. Click Create.


To see more detailed information about the organization, click Show Organization Details.

  1. From Setup, select Organizations.

  2. Type an organization into the search field to find it.

  3. Click the information icon in the Organization Name column. If this column does not appear, click Manage Columns, select the Organization Name checkbox, and click Apply.

After the topmost organization is in the system, you or an authorized user can create the next-level organizations to import student data, user accounts, etc. 

As a result, adding organizations is one of the first tasks completed.