You can edit an unprocessed order to adjust the details and quantities.


  1. From Setup, go to Orders & Shipment Tracking.

  2. Select a period of time to search in the Find Orders Placed and Updated in dropdown, and click Search.

  3. Click the checkbox next to the order.

  4. Click Select Tasks, click Create / Edit Orders, and click Start.

  5. Select your order from the Additional Orders list.

  6. Select/type information to update order details.

    You can click Show Order Details to view the previously entered details, including shipping information, materials ordered, and current shipping status.

  7. Click Save.


 If the order has been submitted...

If the order has been submitted, but not yet approved, you can adjust the details and change the number of materials ordered, using the same steps as above. After you make changes, click Save.

 If the order has been processed...

You cannot edit an order that has been processed. You can only view the order status.

 To view order details...

You can click the information icon to view delivery and tracking information. The status represents where the order is in the delivery process.