Create TestNav configurations to identify the computer(s) for caching. These tasks are a prerequisite to online testing, if you use ProctorCache.

You must complete these tasks only once per test administration. unless you require a change.

If you require a change, you can complete it at any later date.


  • You or an authorized user must set up a proctor-caching computer in your network.
  • You must note the proctor-caching computer's IP address and port. The default port is 4480.


  1. From Setup, select TestNav Configurations.

  2. Click Select Tasks, select Create / Edit TestNav Configurations, and click Start.

  3. Enter the details of any proctor-caching computers to use them for precaching tests.

    1. Select Precaching Computer Override to avoid interruption during testing. For more information about Response File Backup Locations, see Configure Response File Backup Locations.

  4. Click Create.

What's Next?

Test content does not automatically download and precache; you must do so manually.


You or another user can create a session with the TestNav configuration.

Generally users add multiple caching computers in larger schools, with larger numbers of concurrent testers.

Check if:

  • The proctor-caching computer is set up properly and running on your network.
  • You have entered the correct IP address and port. The default port is 4480.
  • The computer you are using to configure TestNav has Java installed and that the Java applet is allowed to run in your browser.