You can create a student record to tie a student to an organization. A student record contains biographical data, such as name, date-of-birth, and gender. Editing student test details does not allow you to change a student's responses.

Pearson recommends a file import to enter student records; however, you can also manually create a student record.


  1. From Setup, select Students.

  2. Select the task Create / Edit Students.

  3. Type/select student information.

  4. Click Create.


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 Associated tasks/Non-registered students...

You must complete the associated tasks — register the student and assign a test — for the student to appear in an administration. If these tasks were not completed, you must select Non-registered students from the dropdown to find this student record.

 Students from other organizations...

You can create a record for a student that moved to your organization, after he or she was previously enrolled in a different organization. When you create the record in your organization, the student record continues to show both old and new organizations, unless an authorized user removes the student from the old organization.

 Manually created student record match...

If you manually create a student (not through file import) and the system finds a match, a prompt displays. You can accept the match or create a new student.