You can edit a student record to change the organization to which a student is tied. The student record includes biographical data (for example - name, date-of-birth, and gender. Editing student test details does not allow you to change a student's responses.

Pearson recommends that you make updates to multiple student records through a file import

If the student record was only created and not registered in an administration, you must select by Ignoring ... and then search for the student record.


  1. From Setup, select Students.

  2. Type the student name into the search field and click Search.

  3. Click the checkbox next to the student.

  4. Click Start and select Create / Edit Students.

  5. Type/select the student information to update. If you have multiple students, select the student test to update.

  6. Click Save.

What's Next?

After you create/edit a student record, you or an authorized user can allow a student to test by:

  • Registering the student in a grade.
  • Assigning a test.
  • Setting accommodations.
  • Placing the student in a testing group.

(info)Processes may vary by program.

  1. From Setup, select Students.
  2. Type a student name into the search field.
  3. Click the checkbox next to the student record.
  4. Click the information icon in the Student Code column.

    If this column is not visible, click Manage Columns, select the checkbox for Student Code, and click Apply.