You can register a student to add him or her to your currently selected test administration.

Pearson recommends that you register a student at the same time that you Create a Student Record. If the student record was previously created, you must select by Ignoring to find unregistered student records.

You can only unregister a student from a test administration when the:


Student registration occurs after a student is enrolled in an organization.

You must remove all tests tied to that student record before you register the student.


If you have access to more than one administration, select the administration to which you want to register/unregister the student.

  1. From Setup, go to Students.

  2. Select the task Register Students, and click Start.

  3. Click Registered, and if applicable, select the necessary information.

    1. To unregister a student, deselect the Registered checkbox.

  4. Click Save.


What's Next?

Assign students to paper or online tests, assign accommodations, place them in a session, and enable them to test.

 (info) Required steps vary by program.