Student Portal provides single sign-on (SSO) access to TestNav for students. With SSO, students can quickly navigate to their assigned tests and begin testing. If your school uses Student Portal, student email addresses were previously entered into Pearson Access (either through a data import or data creation) to give each student portal access.

Step-by-Step Access for Students

  1. Go to the TestNav home page in one of two ways:
  2. Click (or tap) Student Portal.

  3. Select your school district from the Please select a customer dropdown, and click Continue.

  4. Click your school district's button.

  5. Enter your username and password to sign in. Click Start test to begin an available test.
    You can also navigate through other elements of the Tests page. See callouts below:

    5a - You can click a Start test button to begin that test. Below each test name, the due date appears, if applicable.
    5b - If you have any tests that you did not complete, but can resume, a note appears, reminding you to ask your teacher to resume it.
    5c - You can click the Refresh button after your teacher resumes your test to see the Start test button for the resumed test.
    5dThe Completed Tests list shows tests that you completed and the date you completed them.
    5e - You can click the user dropdown and select Log Out to log out of Student Portal.

Student Portal does not sign you out unless you click the user dropdown and select Log Out or if you close TestNav. 
If you do not actively move or click your mouse for an extended time, an inactivity error appears and takes you back to the Tests page. You may see a note for that test, indicating that your teacher must resume your test (see 5b above).

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