Administrator roles with the appropriate permissions can add or edit the accommodation profiles in Client Settings. A student's accommodations for each profile can then be selected in their student record.


When creating a test, you MUST select the appropriate accommodation profile in Test Config and the appropriate accommodations for that profile in the student record.
  1. Go to System > Client Settings > Accommodations.
  2. In the left column, select all accommodations used in your environment.
  3. In the Limited Editing column, select the accommodations that users will not be able to change if Limited Accommodations Editing is selected for their role in Role Configuration.
  4. The Default profile contains accommodations as they were defined prior to implementing accommodation profiles. Most clients currently use only the Default profile.
  5. Select the Edit icon on an existing accommodation profile to make changes.
  6. Select the Add Profile button to add a new profile that can be used for a type of test, such as ELA or math.
  7. After making changes to an accommodation profile, select Submit button at the bottom of the page.

All profiles will be available in the student record, where you can select the appropriate accommodations for that student from each profile. After an accommodation has been assigned to students or tests, its checkbox will be disabled to prevent data errors.

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