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You can edit an organization to:

  • Update an organization's demographic information (address, phone number, etc.).
  • Change the organization it is tied to.
  • Close the organization.

This page describes how to manually edit an organization through user interface data fields; however, Pearson recommends entering organizations through a file import — the most common practice.


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  1. Click the organization dropdown, and select a higher-level organization than the organization you want to edit.

  2. From Setup, select Organizations.

  3. Type the organization name into the search field, click Search, and click the checkbox next to the organization. 

  4. Click Select Tasks, select Create / Edit Organizations, and click Start.

  5. Select the organization from the list at the left of the page. 

  6. Type or select the organization details to make changes.

  7. Click Save. 


 View organizational details...

After you add organization, you can:

  • Click Show Organization Details to see more detailed organization information.
  • Click Show Audit Trail to see when organizational changes were made and who made them.
  • Click the information icon next to the organization name to view more details.

What's Next?

 After an organization is in the system...
Authorized users can create next-level organizations to upload student data, user accounts, etc. For that reason, adding organizations is one of the first tasks completed.

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