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Pearson aligns support requirements with changing technologies. When updates are released, Pearson first tests a beta version and reports bugs to developers. When the final version is publicly released, Pearson also tests this version to ensure TestNav compatibility before supporting it. When hardware or software deprecates, Pearson drops support for it.

Testing in ProgressSupport Ending - 2018-19 School Year


  • iOS 11.4

The support changes below will take place with the upcoming Summer 2018 TestNav 8.11 release




titleSupport Ending - 2018-19 School Year

Operating Systems:

  • Chrome OS versions 57-64
  • iOS versions 10.2 and 10.2.1
  • Linux Fedora 24
  • macOS versions 10.9 and 10.10


  • Firefox ESR 52

For ProctorCache upcoming changes, see ProctorCache System Requirements.

titleTestNav App Updates

Note that customers may take TestNav releases at varying times, depending on testing sessions.

TestNav App
Update Process
Android appAuto update - No action required.*
Chrome appAuto update - No action required.*
Windows Store appAuto update - No action required.*
iOS appDownload updated version from App Store.
Desktop appDownload updated version from

*Unless the auto-update feature is disabled. If disabled, download updated versions from the appropriate app store.