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This information is a part of Testing.

This is one of the tasks to be done Setup a Session starts.

Accommodations like those included in a Personal Needs and Preferences (PNP) profile are typically entered by uploading a PNP file, as described in Import and Export Data. They can also be entered when students are assigned to a test session, as described in Assign/Unassign a Test. A PNP describes a student’s testing needs and preferences, as described in Accessibility Tools and PNP Profile. The PNP settings available depend your testing program configuration.

View Current PNP Settings

To check the status of individual students and confirm the assigned accommodations or accessibility features are enabled, follow these steps:

  1. From Testing > Students in Sessions, add test session(s) to the Sessions lists on the left of the page.

     Click here to view a screenshot...


  2. Click a session to select it from the list. If you have trouble finding your session, go to Testing > Sessions and select the test session(s) that contain the students whose status you want to view. Return to Students in Sessions and the session(s) will already be listed.

  3. Search to find the student(s) whose PNP settings you want to view or click the down arrow next to the Search button to reveal and select the option to show all results. 
    You can change the Find Students setting to show only students in your currently selected session or in all available sessions.

     Click here to view a screenshot...

  4. Click the  icon next to the student to view information about a specific student.

     Click here to view a screenshot...

  5. Click Sessions to view assigned test sessions for this student. Select a session to view accommodations and accessibility features. Click Close when finished.

     Click here to view a screenshot...

Change PNP Settings

If you discover a setting that requires correction before the student has logged on to TestNav, follow these steps:

  1. If the student is already registered for a test session, remove the student from the test session, as described in Remove Students from Online Test Sessions.
  2. Adjust the student's PNP settings, as described in Assign/Unassign a Test.
  3. Add the student to a test session, as described in Add Students to Online Test SessionsThe student can be placed back in the original test session or in another test session, as appropriate for the needed accommodation(s). The test form assigned to the student will be set to a form that is correct for any supported, marked accommodations.

If the student has already logged on to TestNav, consult your testing program materials as the required actions will vary based on program policies.


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