Technical Bulletin 

Published January 26, 2021


What is happening?

When users update organizations, users, students, or test administrations, and during testing, Pearson Access dashboard widgets may exhibit delays in reflecting update progress. This behavior is expected, as the application securely and successively processes each update before widgets sync and display this progress.

What does this mean?

During student imports, test registrations, and test administration, Pearson Access users tracking progress and statuses on the dashboard have experienced some delay in viewing these updates in the dashboard widgets. Users attempting to click through to a student record may also see a No Records Found message.

These behaviors are expected as the system processes incoming data, and the student's actual status is not impacted when the system displays the No Records Found message.

The amount of time the system takes to process these updates and display them in dashboard widgets depends on the amount of data received and current traffic from all Pearson Access customers. As Pearson Access processes these updates, the widgets search the system for progress and display updates, as expected.

What do I have to do (and how do I do it)?

Test statuses - As students test, the test status and student test statuses appear on the dashboard. If a student test status has not updated, the system is processing student test attempts and will update the dashboard, depending on current traffic. 

  • Users can continue to refresh their browser until dashboard data reflects expected updates OR confirm test session and student test statuses in the Session Info page. 
  • Users who see the No Records Found message (due to clicking through from dashboard widgets before data has updated) do not need to take any action, other than the above.

Imports and updates - As you import or enter updates, periodically check dashboard widgets for progress.