Pearson Standard Layout Errors and Warnings

If a data import fails or encounters issues during upload, you can download the original imported file and the results file to research and verify the data causing the error. 

The results file contains error codes and error details, along with the original data. You can resolve the error within this file and re-import. These error message support pages provide an Additional info and instruction column with more information and steps to resolution. If you are unable to resolve an error, contact Pearson support.

Error code pages in this section are under construction.

(warning) You must resolve ALL errors before the system can complete updates to your project data.
      This does not apply to Warning messages.

ZipFileIDSystem-generated ID for the .zip file.
ZipFileName Name of .zip file name that was posted to the SFTP server.
ReceiveTimeTime in GMT that the file was processed.
FileTypeIdentifies the file that encountered the error.

Line number from the original file that the system identified with an Error or Warning.

The header row counts as a line, therefore, you must add one to the line number to find the line that contains the error. For example, a LineNumber value of 100 file indicates that an error occurred on line 101. 

ErrorCodeSystem-generated alphanumeric code used to identify the error. 
ErrorDescriptionBrief description of the error. 
ErrorMessageDetailed error message that identifies why the system could not process the record.
ErrorTimeTime the system logged the error.

Errors are listed in numerical order. Not all numbers are used.