Error codes below relate to the users.csv file.

Error codeError message

Additional info and instruction

(warning) After completing any of the actions below, you must re-save, re-zip, and upload the .zip file again.


Error: File Not Loaded - The users file you are trying to import is not a valid .csv file type.

Open the .zip file, open the file with the error and re-save as a .csv.


Error: File Not Loaded - The users file is empty. 

Open the .zip file, review your local .csv file to ensure it has data.


Error: Record not Loaded -  Unexpected Header Included or is Missing

Open the appropriate file and refer to the Pearson Standard Layout to update the header row. The system cannot load the file if it does not match the header labels and header length. 



Error: File Not Loaded - Required field, X, is missing.

Open the users.csv file, navigate to the appropriate line and update the required field that is missing.

PS450Error: Record Not Loaded - Invalid Data type for Update Indicator. Must be "I" for to insert a new orgaization, "U" to update, "D" to delte and blank if doint a bulk file. 

Add a valid value to the Update Indicator column. Valid values include:

  • I - for inserting or updating data
  • U - for updating existing data or inserting data
  • D - for deleting existing data
PS451Error: Record Not Loaded - Required field, Customer Code is invalid, if you do not know your customer code contact Pearson.Confirm that values in the Customer Code column match the code Pearson provided to you. If you don't know the customer code, contact Pearson. Update the code accordingly.
PS452-PS455Error: Record Not Loaded - Invalid Data for X fieldUpdate the field with invalid data based on the Error details.
PS456Warning: Record not loaded - Invalid data type for Email.

Update the values in the Email column to follow the standard email format, with an @, followed by a domain - .com, .edu, .org, etc.

PS457Warning: Record not loaded - Invalid data type for Phone.

Update the values in the Phone column to contain only numbers (no hyphens or parentheses, and only a space for an extension).

PS458Error: Record not loaded - Invalid data type for Mobile.

Update the values in the Mobile column to contain only numbers (no hyphens or parentheses, and only a space for an extension).


Error: Record not loaded – Org code is not found in the org file. 

Open the users.csv file and find the line with the error. Update the org code for the user with an org code that is in the orgs.csv file.