Throughout a test administration, Pearson Access tracks students' test statuses. Depending on your user role, you may monitor or change these statuses in various sections of the Pearson Access user interface (UI).

Processing time for status updates varies depending on current system activity. Refresh the Pearson Access dashboard until statuses update before attempting further action.

Table 1, below, lists Pearson Access student test statuses and descriptions for each. Table 2 provides status color designations. Table 3 provides additional statuses which do not appear within the user interface (UI).

PendingThe system adds the student to a session, but TestNav has not yet created his or her sign-in credentials.

The system has passed the student’s username and password to TestNav. The student has not started the test. 

If the student exits the test, the student cannot resume testing unless an authorized user changes the status to Resumed.

The student signed in to a test and is currently testing.

If a student status is Active when the student is not currently testing, his or her test has not yet been submitted to Pearson servers. Test administrators can view the student's test progress within the Session Details to determine whether to update the student's status to Marked Complete, Void, etc. See Monitor, Update, and Remove a Student Test Status.


The student exited from the test, but did not submit test responses. 

The student cannot resume testing until an authorized user changes the student status to Resumed.

If the student cannot resume testing for any reason, an authorized user must change the student status to Marked Complete.

An authorized user authorized the student to resume the test, but the student has not signed in. When configured to auto-resume, when a student exits a test, he or she can automatically sign in to the test again. This configuration occurs prior to registering students to a test administration.

CompletedThe student submitted the test and the data has been processed. For paper tests, the test has been submitted for scoring.
Marked Complete

If a student could not submit the test, an authorized user marked the student's test complete to submit it, and make it available for scoring and reporting.

Submitted for Scoring

The test is complete or marked complete and is being scored.

VoidIf exceptions occurred during a test session, an authorized user can mark the test attempt Void. The user can re-register the student for a different test session. Voided attempts do not appear on reports. Results are excluded from both individual and summary reports.
Do Not Report (DNR)

If exceptions occurred during a test session, an authorized user can mark the test attempt DNR to ensure that the test attempt is not included in reports. The student cannot be re-registered for the test. To re-register a student, a user should mark the attempt Void. See above.

Users must choose from three options when marking a test attempt as Do Not Report:

  • DNR Both - Results are excluded from both individual and summary reports.
  • DNR Individual - Results are excluded from only individual reports.
  • DNR Summary - Results are excluded from only summary reports.
Not TestedIf a student did not and will not test in the test session, an authorized user can mark the test attempt as Not Tested, as well as include an exception. The student cannot be re-registered for the test. Results are excluded from both individual and summary reports.
Requires Hand ScoringTesting is complete and the test requires hand scoring.
Not Attempted

The test attempt was completed but did not meet the attemptedness rule. For an online test, you can unsubmit the test attempt. Unsubmitting the attempt sets the student's status back to Exited or Resumed.

Requires Submission (specific tests only)

One of the following occurred:

  • The teacher completed hand scoring and has not yet submitted the test.
  • If the test attempt encountered an error during submission, it retains this status until an authorized user resubmits it.
SubmittedTeacher successfully submitted the test.
Report Pending

The report is not yet available.

If the test requires a two-part submission, the teacher must submit both parts for the test results to process.

Report Ready

The test results processed and users can access reports.

Table 2









PendingReadyCompletedActiveNot TestedNot AttemptedVoidDo Not Report (DNR)
Requires Hand ScoringResumedMarked Complete-----
Requires SubmissionSubmittedReport Ready-----
ExitedSubmitted for Scoring------
-Report Pending------

For paper-based sessions, certain statuses (In Progress, Exited, Resumed) do not display.

Table 3, below, lists additional statuses, which do not appear in the Pearson Access UI, but may appear on reports depending on your project. 

UnsubmittedWhen a test attempt is unsubmitted, the test status is set to Exited or Resumed status. 
UnregisteredThe student is not registered for a test.