November 6, 2020

Updated PNP Accommodations to include additional form-controlled and student test assignment-controlled core fields.

Renamed the page Create a Reporting Group to Create and Manage Reporting Groups. Additionally, updated all content and screenshots within Create and Manage Reporting Groups. Removed the pages Edit a Reporting Group and Manage Student Reports in a Reporting Group (the information in those pages is now contained within Create and Manage Reporting Groups).

Added the page Generate Test Tickets for Sessions.

Updated Assign Student Test Retakes to reflect when the feature is available.

September 18, 2020

Updated screenshots on Add a Student to a Session to reflect how the student tests are filtered based on test code for a session when bulk adding students by group.

Updated Orders and Shipment Tracking Reports to reflect the fields available on the report for order status.

February 7, 2020Updated Retrieve Resources for an Online Test page to correct step 1.
March 11, 2019Removed the page Measure Testing Capacity.
January 17, 2019

Updated videos on the following pages:

Updated and added details to the general information and prerequisites sections on the page Register/Unregister a Student.

Added to Assign a Remote Testing Organization and Approve/Reject Remote Testing that the feature availability varies by program.

December 14, 2018

Released version PearsonAccess Next Online Support (an updated and renamed version of the PearsonAccess Next Online User Guide). The updated version includes:

  • A reorganized overall structure.
  • Instructions in various mediums (written, images, and videos).
  • Simplified instructions and screenshots with detailed callouts.
  • Additional, relevant page content in these consistent sections (when applicable):

    • General Information

    • Prerequisites

    • Step-By-Step

    • Effects

    • What’s Next?  

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