Student data includes the student’s personal or system-related information.


  1. In the main menu, click (or tap) Students.

  2. Click a student’s name, or first, enter search criteria to see his or her student details. You can click the Accom button in that column to see the student's assigned accommodations. Users with export permissions can click Export Students on the STUDENT LIST.

    -Click the three dots next to Grade

    -Select a grade from the dropdown, then click Filter.


  3. Click the expand arrows to toggle between each Student Details section.

    When enrolled in more than one school, a Reporting Organization appears in the Student Details Enrollment section. 

    When enrolled in only one school, the system internally identifies the school as the student's reporting organization, but does not display it within Student Details. 

    When re-enrolled, any previous test attempts are re-associated with that student in the system. The student's previous test attempts appear in Student Info; test attempts default to the student's listed Reporting School, if any.

  4. In the SESSION LIST, you can see the student's test status in the Status column. If student reports are ready, you can click the Report Ready status to view reports.
    See the Student Test Statuses page for details on test statuses and designated status colors.

  5. Click CLASS LIST, to see the student's classes and class details.

  6. If available for your program and role, click PARENT/GUARDIAN LIST to display the list of parent(s) associated with a student.

  7. If available for your program and role, click COMPLETED TEST SCORES to display a list of the student's tests with completed scores.

  8. If available for your role, you can click DELETED STUDENTS and select a grade to view deleted students in that grade.

For a general overview of view-only data, see View Data.