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PearsonAccessnext provides assessment management services for both paper and online testing. What you see when you log in will be limited to the parts of the process that are your responsibility.


Some features are only available to some user accounts. If you do not see a specific feature, your account is not configured to access it.

The conceptual map below shows key customer interactions with different system functions. Look below the map for more detailed information.

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Welcome to the PearsonAccessnext  Online User Guide

With PearsonAccessnext  you can perform all your test-related duties, from ordering materials and submitting student data to setting up online tests and viewing student results.

The user guide was created for online use. For the best reading experience and the most up-to-date information, we recommend looking online rather than at the PDF.

Recently Updated

February 6, 2015

Expanded and reorganized the instructions and information on these pages:

February 5, 2015

Expanded and reorganized the instructions on these pages:

January 29, 2015Information was added to the Configure Response File Backup Locations to guide the use of network file servers as backup locations
December 11, 2014Added a sentence in the Checklist for Testing to indicate when to stop a test session and where to find the instructions
December 5, 2014Added a downloadable PDF to the Home page. This PDF will be updated occasionally and the date it was created will be listed on that page.
November 6, 2014Updated information about Completed status in Monitor or Change Student Status to remove the mention of a limitation that does not exist
August 17, 2014Initial version of PearsonAccess Next Online User Guide

using the online version.

Image Added This PDF edition is a snapshot of the online user guide on the day the PDF was created, January 15, 2015. 


Getting Started


If this is your first visit, we recommend that you start with these PearsonAccessnext Online User Guide sections. They can help you perform your tasks more efficiently.


  • System Basics – Learn the common PearsonAccessnext interface elements that you will use to complete your tasks.
  • Checklist for Testing – See an overview of the chronological sequence of tasks. This will help you understand what comes before and after any specific task that you are completing.
  • User Roles – Some features are only available to some user accounts. If you do not see a specific feature, your account is not configured to access it.
  • Table of Contents – See the table of contents below to go directly to a specific task within the PearsonAccessnext Online User Guide. You also can navigate through the User Guide using the contents sidebar on the left side of each page.




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