Access Reports from Organization Details

In addition to accessing reports through the Reports tab in the main menu, you can access reports from various organizational details' pages within Pearson Access for one or more students with a Ready, Completed, or Marked Complete status. You can also access reports from sessions or student details.


  • Students must click (or tap) Submit Final Answers in a TestNav test, or an authorized user must mark the student complete in Pearson Access.
  • You must have previously been associated with a student through a class.
  • You cannot access Individual Student Reports or Item Analysis reporting options for temporary students.


  1. From the main menu, click (or tap) the organization type (for example, LEAs, Districts, or Schools) for which you want to access reports. 
    If you select a higher-level organization (for example, LEAs or Districts), then click an LEA or district from the list that appears.

  2. Report options vary, depending on your main menu selection:
    • If you clicked the highest-level organization in the main menu, you can access Reports tabs for it and each organization level below it (for example, State Reports, District Reports, or School Reports).
    • From lower organization levels within the main menu (for example, Schools), you can click that tab to see reports for that specific organization, or click a Reports tab for an organization level below it (for example, District Reports or School Reports).

  3. Select a row for an academic year and test administration and options for available reports appear above the header row.

        4. You can click: 

    • Online Reports (coming soon) to select an available report to view within Pearson Access.

    • Download Final PDFs to select an available PDF for download.
    • Download CSVs to select an available CSV file for download.