Access Reports from a Session

In addition to accessing reports through the Reports tab in the main menu, you can access reports from a session for one or more students with a Ready, Completed, or Marked Complete status. You can also access reports from student details or organization details.


  • Students must click (or tap) Submit Final Answers in a TestNav test, or an authorized user must mark the student complete in Pearson Access.
  • You must have previously been associated with a student through a class.
  • You cannot access Individual Student Reports or Item Analysis reporting options for temporary students.


  1. In the main menu, click (or tap) Sessions.

  2. Click a session name, or first, enter search criteria.

For students with a Report Ready status, you can select a student, click Reports, and select a report to view. Any available Transcend reports also appear in the Reports dropdown.

You can also click Report Ready to select a Void or DNR status in the Status column.