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Updated the following pages:



Updated the Change Your Organization and Test Administration page and video to describe which organization and administration are selected when users log back in.

Updated the Manage an Online Test Session page, as follows:

  • Updated the How to Prepare a Session video to reflect that sessions can be prepared based on the dates set for each program.


Added View Operational Reports to replace the following pages:

  • Use Operational Reports to Find Users
  • Use Operational Reports to Find Students
  • Use Operational Reports to Find Student and Test Session Information
  • Use Operational Reports to Find Organization Information
  • Use Operational Reports to Track Shipments and Orders
  • Use Operational Reports to Find PreID Barcodes Not In Use

Updated View Reports to show View Operational Reports page link.


Combined the pages, Change Your Organization and Change Your Test Administration. This information can now be found on the page, Change Your Organization and Test Administration.

Updated the following pages to include How-to videos:


Updated the following pages:




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February 7, 2020Updated Retrieve Resources for an Online Test page to correct step 1.
March 11, 2019Removed the page Measure Testing Capacity.
January 17, 2019

Updated videos on the following pages:

Updated and added details to the general information and prerequisites sections on the page Register/Unregister a Student.

Added to Assign a Remote Testing Organization and Approve/Reject Remote Testing that the feature availability varies by program.

December 14, 2018

Released version PearsonAccess Next Online Support (an updated and renamed version of the PearsonAccess Next Online User Guide). The updated version includes:

  • A reorganized overall structure.
  • Instructions in various mediums (written, images, and videos).
  • Simplified instructions and screenshots with detailed callouts.
  • Additional, relevant page content in these consistent sections (when applicable):

    • General Information

    • Prerequisites

    • Step-By-Step

    • Effects

    • What’s Next?  

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