Pearson Access receives accommodations data for students that require accommodations during testing. After Pearson Access receives the data, authorized users can see the accommodations a student requires within various areas of Pearson Access. These users can also see any possible accommodation errors that occur and can take steps to alleviate those errors before testing. Accommodations are presented to the student during testing, either through TestNav, the test administrator, or other means, depending on the accommodation type.


Updated data should have previously been loaded into your student management system (SMS), as this data is exported from the SMS to complete the steps for roster data import. The SMS must contain the most current accommodations data.

If you encounter any issues during a local data import, see Access Data Import/Export List Files and Resolve Import Errors

Accommodation Types

Pearson Access receives the accommodations request and, depending on the accommodation type, each accommodation is delivered either through an accommodated form, student registration, or by a teacher/test administrator.

Accommodations are categorized within the Pearson Access UI as one of the following:

    • Presentation Accommodations - These accommodations determine how the content is presented to the student in a TestNav or paper test.
    • Assistance with Testing - These accommodations indicate supplemental tools or support either provided within or needed for a TestNav or paper test.
    • Administrative Consideration - Pearson Access provides accommodation information to the teacher or test administrator, who delivers the accommodation.

The tables below separate available accommodations into these categories and indicate whether an accommodated form or student registration deliver the accommodations request to Pearson Access, as well as whether the accommodation pertains to online or paper tests. 

Accommodated forms are available for a test administration based on the specific testing contract.

You can see accommodation demos in TestNav Online Support.

AccommodationAccommodated formRegistration accommodationOnline (O), Paper (P), or Both (B)
American Sign Language (ASL)(tick)(tick)O
Closed Caption(tick)(tick)O
Refreshable Braille(tick)
ATSR (Assistive Technology Screen Reader)(tick)(tick)O
ATNSR (Assistive Technology Non-Screen Reader)(tick)(tick)O
Color Contrast
Electronic Braille Response*

Color Overlay*

Large Print

Answer Masking
Braille Tactile Graphics(tick)

*Accommodations are pass-through accommodations that require administrator attention.

AccommodationAccommodated form
Registration accommodationOnline (O), Paper (P), or Both (B)
Assistive with Capturing Responses*

Human Signer(tick)
Human Signer Test Directions


Human Read Aloud(tick)
Human Read Aloud Test Directions

Test Directions Native Language

Answers Recorded

Monitor Test Responses

Word Prediction

Language Transadaptation(tick)(tick)B

*Accommodations are pass-through accommodations that require administrator consideration/delivery.

These accommodations are noted in Pearson Access; however, they are delivered only by the teacher/test administrator.


Online (O), Paper (P), or Both (B)
Frequent BreaksB
Handheld CalculatorB
Small Group TestingB

Unique Accommodation/Temporary Accommodation

Emergency AccommodationsB
Separate or Alternate LocationB
Extended TimeB
Special Equipment FurnitureB
Time of DayB
Student Read AloudB
Specified Area SeatingB

What's Next?

Authorized users can view student accommodations within Pearson Access.