Pearson imports accommodations data into Pearson Access, and maintains and manages that data as part of the periodic data import. The accoms.csv file contains this data for students that require specific accommodations during an online or paper test.


Updated data should have previously been loaded into your student management system (SMS), as this data is exported from the SMS to complete the steps for roster import. The SMS must contain the most current accommodations data.

If you encounter any issues during a local data import, see Access Data Import/Export List Files and Resolve Import Errors.

Supported accommodations and valid accoms.csv import values

For TTS:

  • a blank field
  • TX (reads only the text)
  • GR (reads text and graphics)

For Color Contrast:

  • a blank field
  • black-cream
  • black-lightblue
  • black-lightmagenta
  • white-black
  • yellow-blue
  • darkgrey-palegreen

For Trans-adaption:

  • a blank field
  • spanish

Assistive Capturing Responses:

  • a blank field
  • SpeechToText
  • HumanScribe
  • HumanSigner
  • ExternalATDevice

Unique Accommodation, Temporary Accommodation:

  • a blank field
  • Any entered text

For all other accoms.csv fields:

  • a blank field
  • Y (indicating yes)
  • N (indicating no)


  • Successfully imported data is available to users in the project, based on their roles and permissions. 
  • Consult your headquarter or state technical/data support to address any errors in the accoms.csv file.