Depending on your program's requirements, Pearson Access can include the option for remote monitoring. If configured, educators can use this option to remotely manage test sessions.

In a remote setting for students, we must consider student equity and safety, data privacy, technology access, measurement reliability, test security, and more. Pearson Access remote monitoring provides teachers/proctors a reliable way to monitor student test progress and completion in real time from anywhere at anytime. To learn more, review Remote Test Administration Best Practices.

This document does NOT contain requirements for TestNav online test delivery. For TestNav hardware and software requirements, see 

TestNav Online Support.

Checklist for Testing

You set up and monitor test sessions for remote test administrations within Pearson Access using the same processes used for traditional test sessions.

Testing programs can use the lists below to help prepare and deliver remote test administrations. While you should use this as a source document, each program should also create more-detailed checklists that include policy and additional information.

Before Testing 

During Testing

  • Teachers/proctors actively monitor students throughout the entire test session using a live video stream and the Pearson Access session management feature to observe any suspicious or noteworthy activity and communicate with students as needed. 

  • Teachers/proctors must follow all test administration directions in program-specific support documents.